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I am a color enthusiast! My goal is to make people happy when they see my art.

My painting journey began 17 years ago. I am constantly experimenting with new ways to paint. I love to play with texture, viscosities, materials, colors and methods of applying paint and resin to canvas.

To spread love I am committed to a sustainable future environmentally and socially. A portion of all sales are invested back into the community through multiple charities here in the US and in Honduras. My efforts in reducing my carbon footprint include reusing painting and packaging materials. If you choose to purchase from my shop you may receive your item in a recycled box. I hope you embrace this as a way of giving back to mother nature.

I am an art history graduate from the University of Washington and a native of the Pacific Northwest. I currently reside, with my family, in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington.

Thanks for stopping by! XO Crystal Low

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