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My name is Crystal Low, a self taught, abstract artist. I am an art history graduate from the University of Washington and a native of the Pacific Northwest. I currently reside, with my family, in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. 

My painting journey began 16 years ago. My main focus has been contemporary and geometric abstract art, but I have fallen in love with resin painting. The free flowing style fits perfectly with my desire to put my feelings and ideas on canvas. My style reflects an ever changing ‘mood’, which is why no two paintings are ever the same. I like to describe myself as “consistently inconsistent” with my style of art. I am constantly experimenting with new ways to paint. I love to play with texture, viscosities, materials, colors and methods of applying paint to canvas.  

For me painting is intuitive, it is a way of expressing myself, my energy, my innermost thoughts and emotions. Each painting holds a little reflection of myself. 

Thanks for stopping by! XO Crystal Low

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